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A new version of the Threats Manager is out!

It is not complete, yet: I have planned some features to be there, but they are not ready, yet. Nevertheless, I decided to publish this new version because it includes a much needed feature: the ability to show for each Threat Type its priority, to guide you in mitigating the most severe issues first.

Even if the new version is not complete and does not contain everything I want to put in, if you are using the Threats Manager I recommend you to install the new version.

As usual, the installation can be performed in-place.

Threats Manager v1.5 BETA can be downloaded from here.


A new version of the Threats Manager has been just released. It addresses some bugs and introduces some usage improvements.
You can see the complete list of the fixes and download the archive from here.


The big surprise I hinted at the end of my Restarting article is out!

It is a new tool, which complements the workflow of Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool 2016, by providing features specifically designed to optimize the Mitigation experience.

The improvements in efficiency can be really huge, depending on the complexity of the model (the higher the better!), on the template and on the maturity of the organization: an estimation done with the standard template implies the possibility to optimize for 60% or more!

I have done everything I could to provide you with the best possible solution, given my limited resources: this is a project I have developed in my spare time. So, please, any costructive feedback would be much appreciated.

The details have been collected in a specific page, called The Threats Manager Tool, which can be accessed also from the menu at the top of my Blog site.

And the best thing is… that it is entirely free!