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June 26, 2016 — Leave a comment

Life prepares you many surprises. You can plan your life as accurately as humanly possible, but you will eventually need to reconsider your plans.
It is not necessarily a bad thing, though. And in my case, I trust it has been for the better.
After I switched to Proactive Support from the Consulting organization within Microsoft, to focus 100% of my time to Security, I planned to improve all my initiatives, blog included. I discovered soon that I needed to dedicate all myself to cope with my deficiencies around Infrastructural Security and to meet the already challenging goals my new organization has defined for me, plus the goals I defined for myself, that is mostly doing whatever I can to expand the importance of Application Security within Microsoft.
This has meant much additional work for me, but also very important successes, like achieving the CSSLP certification (finally!) and recognitions like having been made WW Lead of the Security Development Lifecycle Community within Microsoft, side by side with my good friend Kiyoshi Watanabe, who is an Application Security expert from Japan.
New duties mean more things to do and less time for other things, as I discovered last year. This is the reason why I have written nothing since I switched: I had no juice left to think to anything but the most essential things.
Now it is different: my goals for the new year are set to be more projected toward the community of Application Security practicians inside and outside Microsoft, because I feel it to be critical for the world I live in and my own future.
Stay tuned for new content and (possibly) a very big surprise, soon. 🙂