Threats Manager 1.5.10 – BETA

November 13, 2016 — 2 Comments

Threats Manager 1.5.10 - BETA

shieldThe previous link can be used to download an archive containing three files. To install the tool please use the ‘setup.exe’ file.
It can be installed in place, replacing the previous installation if present.

Please remember to check integrity of the archive, before extracting its content. To do that, you can calculate and check one of the following hash functions:

SHA1: 938a5aeaff240e3456e4b8da4bebde550e869925
SHA256: db1cb18fddafb9dd9c9e4dc3d31f4f02cc038f9a31bddd09e8b830d8c34f87ab

Consider also that all the files contained in the archive have been signed with a certificate generated by Certum CA for me. My binaries have also been signed using the very same certificate.

The requirements for this version, are:

  • A computer based on Intel x86 or x64 architecture.
  • A monitor capable of resolution not lower than 1024×768.
  • Windows 7 or more recent.
  • .NET 4.6.1 or more recent. If not present, it will be downloaded automatically.

This new version implements a new functionality to improve efficiency through a set of shortcuts.
It also includes the following new functionalities and fixes for some minor issues:

  • [NEW] User can select a custom user name to be used to specify who makes the changes.
  • [NEW] User can clear marks on all Threats belonging to the same Threat Type, or on all Threats.
  • [NEW] User can enable a subset of the Markers, to focus only on them..
  • [NEW] Added a visual marker to the caption, to show if the document has been changed.
  • [NEW] Added a shortcut to mark the Threat as changed.
  • [NEW] Added shortcuts to insert the name of the Source, Target and Flow to the text of the Threat.
  • [NEW] The Completeness Bar now show the completeness percentage as tooltip.

This version should be considered to be BETA Quality and is not complete with all the planned features for Threats Manager 1.5.

2 responses to Threats Manager 1.5.10 – BETA


    Would you consider open-sourcing this in order to have the community assist with the maintenance and support of this tool?



      Thank you Morten! This is a great idea, but unfortunately I had to use a couple of third-party libraries and paid services to make the development possible, and I cannot do that. Rest assured that the new version is well advanced in its development and it will be released soon. Meanwhile, every feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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