Threats Manager deprecation

June 21, 2020 — Leave a comment

I hear your thoughts: “What? Threats Manager is deprecated? Didn’t you just announce it as the official Threat Modeling vNext implementation?”
Well, yes, there is a risk of confusion I need to address.

Threats Manager is a tool I published in July 2016 to simplify the creation of Threat Models with Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool. The intent was to provide a platform to streamline the prioritization and mitigation phases, which were typically too expensive with Microsoft’s tool. Having seen the need, I decided to create a tool to address it.

With the development of new Templates for the Threat Modeling Tool, namely the one for Azure-based solutions, it started to be apparent that Threats Manager’s effectiveness heavily depended on the characteristics of the chosen Template. For this and other reasons, I stopped actively developing it in 2017, with the last fix being released a year later.
Even if this initiative has only been a partial success, some of the concepts still resonated with me. For this reason, I have decided to maintain the name, to evolve it and give an idea of continuity: this is why we now have the Threats Manager Platform.

Threats Manager Platform is here to stay, while Threats Manager is only a thing of the past. For this reason and to avoid any possible mistake, I announce that Threats Manager is deprecated and it will be removed from those pages in late August 2020.

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