Insanely funny things that are also insanely dangerous

April 29, 2017 — 1 Comment

I have to say this loud and clear: I love Troy Hunt blog!

You can find there some really funny yet scary stories about our times. In all the fantastic material you can find there, I have found particularly hilarious and troublesome a couple of articles about current practices around credential management. The first one is quite old, but its value has not diminished over the years : it is about password filtering and it introduces some nice examples about what you should not do.

The second article has just been published, and show some very bad practices about credential management.
I owe you a beer, Troy! 🙂

One response to Insanely funny things that are also insanely dangerous


    Troy Hunts blog is a firm favourite for me as well – so often it is the simple things that are missed and i enjoy the way Troy presents 🙂


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