Threats Manager 1.5

Threats Manager is deprecated and will be removed soon.
If you are interested in the Threats Manager Platform, you can find the source code for the Code libraries and SDK in


The following list shows the various releases of Threats Manager 1.5, starting from the latest version. Each link opens a page that can be used to download an archive containing the installation files for the tool.

One of the most notable new features of Version 1.5, has been the introduction of Telemetry features to allow getting the basic information about usage and exception details. To use Threats Manager 1.5, it is necessary to accept those Telemetry features. The actual transmission of the exceptions can be decided on specific cases.

The infrastructure chosen to implement this functionality, Exceptionless (, does not transfer memory dumps of the application, therefore this should not constitute a Privacy or Security risk for most.

If you do not accept the Telemetry, you can stick with the old version, which is available here. Please consider though that it is not supported anymore, due to the availability of the new version.

All the details about each version under the 1.5 branch are provided in the specific page.

List of versions 1.5.x:

Version 1.5.53 – Fixes a bug over version 1.5.52.

Version 1.5.52 – Fixes a bug over version 1.5.51.

Version 1.5.51 – Fixes a couple of bugs over version 1.5.50.

Version 1.5.50 – The first official release of Threats Manager 1.5, with many fixes and usability improvements.